Industrial Relations And Human Resources Management Services

The definition of employee relations refers to an organisation’s efforts to create and maintain a positive relationship with its employees.

In order for us to successfully manage our client’s Industrial Relations and Human Resources concerns, we will perform a comprehensive IR and HR audit on the company…

VIP is an efficient, professional system that assists in doing basic salaries, wages and commissions. Invictus can assist you in giving you the spread of essential functions.

To achieve B-BBEE compliance, we will attend to an organisation B-BBEE– gap analysis and submit a strategy proposal in which we will address all elements of the B-BBEE scorecard relative to the client’s business sector.
Auditing typically refers to financial statement audits or an objective examination and evaluation of a company’s financial statements.
To ensure that designated employers are compliant with Employment Equity & Skills Development, requires the following


Invictus provides a proactive, outsourced Industrial Relations management service, with the aim of assisting and contributing towards the overall management of companies on a daily basis.
Regardless of the size of the organisation, Invictus aspires to identify and solve problem areas within the workplace, thereby ensuring the efficient operation of companies.
We are a strategic partner that offers a wide range of employment related services, a comprehensive infrastructure, personal attention, and immeasurable long term benefits.


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